“Val Atkinson has fly fished as many places on the planet as anyone – ever. Along the way he has elegantly captured the places, fish, and people encountered with his camera – moments large and small.”

– Lefty Kreh, American fly fisher, author

To experience Val Atkinson’s photography is to be instantly immersed into the special moments he has captured with his eye and his camera around the world. An internationally acclaimed fly fishing photographer and artist for over four decades, Val has encountered destinations, people, and fly fishing waters that many of us can only dream about. To journey through his imagery is to take a trip of a lifetime with light, composition, and color. Val will take you on adventures to some of the world’s most evocative and romantic fly fishing destinations. From the headwaters of New Zealand’s wilderness rivers to his home waters of Hat Creek and Fall River in California, Val explores the world to create visual stories that make you feel “I want to be there!”

Val’s own story began with his passion for fly fishing and photography while growing up in Zanesville, Ohio. Here he became enchanted with hometown author Zane Grey’s fly fishing journals. His visits to local art museums first shaped his artistic imagination transporting him into the moment. Val went on to earn his degree from the Columbus College of Art & Design where he studied photography, fine art, and composition. For the next 18 years he was staff photographer for Frontiers International Travel with his brilliant images capturing the essence of their global travel services. Val has since travelled to over 30 countries and his work has appeared in over 100 publications worldwide. He has published four fly fishing photography books – Distant Waters, Trout & Salmon, The Greatest Fly Fishing Around the World, Friends on the Water – and has contributed to countless others. In 2003 Val was inducted into the International Federation of Fly Fishers Hall of Fame.

Today Val has evolved from over 30 years of film photography to achieve mastery in digital photography. His passion for creating legendary work continues with worldwide photography assignments, publications, field workshops, and fine art prints. Here you will discover his most recent galleries of work including Trout in New Zealand, Bonefish and Permit in the tropics, Golden Dorado in the Bolivian jungles, Mahseer in India, and Sea-Run Brown Trout in Tierra Del Fuego. At the apex of his career, Val continues to create exceptional moments of fly fishing masterpieces that adorn many walls worldwide.

“My personal goal is to share the beauty found throughout this world, bringing fly fishing and nature to life right before your eyes. As Ernest Hemingway once said, ‘A good story is one you can feel’. That is what I want to convey with my photography. I want you to feel what it is like to be in that image – in that particular moment in time.

Some years ago I defined my sense of passion and enjoyment of fly fishing and photography in a poem:

       ‘Happiness for me is a dusty, lonely road in summer

with a full tank of gas and a trunk full of fishing and camera gear

Escaping the crowds of the city for the wonderful solitude

of the river and its inhabitants

To breathe crisp clean air and feel the sun on your back

as you wade the river’

I seek to bring these heartfelt moments on the water to life – creating a timeless library of images that showcase the beauty of nature in what I call 'good country’ and makes us feel at one with the environment.

So please settle in, pour yourself a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, and take a trip around the world with me and my camera. Here’s to truth, adventure, and passion in beautiful light.”

Thank you. -Val

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